Even at version 0.2, Fill in the Site can already generate 10 different kinds of pages. See the coming soon page for features that will be in upcoming versions.

General TemplatesTeacher Templates
  • About Page
  • Image Galleries
  • Links Page
  • User-Made Pages
  • Class Schedule
  • Class Rules
  • Course Syllabus
  • Lesson Plans
  • Newsletter
  • Supply List


Fits has several other features for users and administrators.

Other FeaturesAdmin Features
  • WYSIWYG editor on IE5+
  • Banner - the text at the top of each page
  • Link Bar - the navigation bar on the side of each page
  • Style sheet - used for all pages on the site
  • Custom style sheet - allows you to choose your own font and colors
  • New User Wizard - walks a user through creating of the About page and choosing a style sheet
  • Add Users
  • List all users
  • List a group of users
  • Change user passwords
  • Rebuild user site