Fill in the site version 0.2 has been released. It contains bug fixes and feature additions for the past 5 months. See the current features page for a complete list of features. Click here to download Fits version 0.2 now.

What is it?

Fill in the site (fits) is a web content generation system. It uses Perl, HTML::Template, Image::Magick, XML, and CSS to generate web pages based on forms filled out by the user. This allows anyone with a web browser to create and maintain their own customized web site.

It currently runs on Windows/IIS and Linux/Apache and would be easy to port to any platform with a web server and Perl. User data is stored in XML files for easy editing and so the program can be used even if there is no database on the web server.

Fits is being developed for an education environment right now, so it has templates and forms for class schedules, lesson plans, newsletters, etc. I'm hoping to expand its usefulness for other school districts and other business and personal users.